Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tips to Increase Your Adsense Earnings

I have been thinking whether I should share some of the strategies on increasing adsense earnings.

I know many people have tried various methods.

I used to earn like $0 to $1 per month and now I am able to earn that same amount in a single day.

I am not too sure how many people need help with breaking that $0 barrier. I have walked that path before and I know how frustrating it can be to not earn any money at all. Some people get so frustrated that they stop trying altogether...

If you need help, do let me know by commenting below so that I know that there are people interested in finding out more..

I will then write a piece on how anyone can start earning some small money from their blogs.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is Blogging A Viable Source of Income

Can blogging really earn you enough passive income such that you can work from home?

Let me explore the possibility today.

Take for example a blog that gets 500 page impressions with a click through rate of 1%. That will be 5 clicks for 100 pages impressions. Assuming that each click is only worth $0.20, the blogger will only be earning $1 per blog per day.

If the blogger somehow manages to increase his readership to 50,000 regular readers a day, that translates into a hundred fold increase in clicks and a hundred fold increase in earnings.

The expected amount he will be able to earn will be $100 per day.

However, one must understand that the possibility of creating a blog with 50,000 readers a day is very low. Thus, it is seriously unlikely that any blogger can achieve that within weeks if not months.

The best option is for one to slowly build up their blog over time and see whether they can get the results that they hope for.

Blogging for money is not as easy as it sounds and we should not be deceived by what we read on the net.

Just because somebody has done it and makes a 6 figure income from it does not mean that it is an easy task.

It most probably is much more difficult than you think.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Online Earnings Since I Started

I am proud to release my monthly earnings data every since I started to blog:

Year 2008:
May 08 - $0.00
Jun 08 - $0.40
Jul 08 - $0.38
Aug 08 - $4.51
Sep 08 - $10.28
Oct 08 - $6.87
Nov 08 - $1.76
Dec 08 - $4.73

Year 2009:
Jan 09 - $8.21
Feb 09 - $8.29
Mar 09 - $5.04
Apr 09 - $13.43
May 09 - $21.66
Jun 09 - $19.72
Jul 09 - $21.64
Aug 09 - $14.75
Sep 09 - $40.18
Oct (to date) = $19.36

I hope I can continue the good performance for the next few months. Just want to increase my income and bring it to the next level.

Friday, October 16, 2009

How Many Blogs to Run

How many blogs can a person effectively manage?

After making a site that earns you $10 per month, there will definitely be the temptation to try to create 1000 other sites that twill each earn you $10 per month giving you a really cool income of $10,000 per month.

This is of course possible.

However, I would like to think that it is extremely difficult.

The reason is mainly due to the fact that most people do not have such varied interest to maintain so many blogs. Even if they are able to do so, the blogs will end up not being updated frequently.

So perhaps it is better to hire somebody to run those blogs for you. People who have passion about certain topics or subjects will create content that others want to read.

And that is perhaps the most important key to traffic. Creating useful content that will make readers come back for more.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

How to Earn a 6 Digit Income With Blogging

Found this useful article and attaching it here for future reference

How To Earn A Six Digit Income With Blogging
Author: Alvin

The innate power of blogs as cash making instrument has lately invaded the online marketing community. It evolved into a new moneymaking tool and almost every online business owner started using to earn more revenue. There are even some moneymakers that are eventually producing six figure income only by making use of blogs. Amazing isn’t it?

How do you make a six figure income with blogs? Most people who are generating six digits with blog marketing would likely hesitate to give up their secrets for no reason not until they can make more revenue by selling it in the form of an ebook. But the good news is that if you are really interested about producing that amount of income and you have money to invest, there’s a great possibility that you could become a six figure earner and a blog marketing expert as well.

The stark truth about six figure blog marketing is that it can't be easily accomplished with only having just one blog. Lots of marketers would tell you that they're able to produce that large amount with just a single blog but the untold truth is that it will require several blogs to create a six figure revenue, and if you have the capital and the resources, it could be attained.

The very first step that you should do is to discover the niches that are moderate in competition but could be easy to rank in the search engines. Doing so will give you a great idea of what you would likely be marketing in your blog and what you should stay away from.

Determining a specialized market that only few marketers are promoting especially in the industry of web marketing is the most important step to do. On the other way, you then have to determine if the niche markets that you have researched are the ones that you you have passion with. Some start out with things that they have some expertise and obtain great results, whether they are niche markets or not.

If your main target is to make six figure profits with blog marketing, you are going to find out real fast that hiring out some work to others is not a bad idea. Doing all of the work yourself is not something that is possible if you’re really serious to produce that amount of income. Just be sure that you pay for freelancers that you can trust and have a good reputation for making work done on time and accurately. I guess you will not want your workers put you behind schedule.

If you are planning to hire out a part of your work to freelancers, you may want to plan and device an outline of just what is needed and what should be the priority. For example you need someone to set up your networks of blogs, or perhaps you should have someone else to write the content for the blogs. You can easily find good freelancers on respective markets that you are eyeing to blog about. You might also want to find some experts on the trade and pay them for the rights to their content. You can then freely post their articles as needed on your blog.

If you’re seriously considering to make a six figure income with blogs, all your blogs need to be updated very regularly. You are going to have to update them as regularly as possible, and maybe even hire workers to aid you only to be sure that everything works smoothly.

Aside from earning dollars with your regular online business assets, making a six figure profit with blogs is also an ideal online job. You can earn big income, while at the same time have nice people working for you. Just be certain that you hire those that real knowledge on what they are doing and are fluent in the language that you are marketing in as well. For example if your prospected consumers are English speakers see to it that your workers have a good command in written English language.

If you like this short report you can read more on ways to make money online today with a make money online from home blog.

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