Wednesday, November 17, 2010

USD250 from Online Ads

I managed to sell some ad space at two of my sites for a whopping total of $250 per year. This is my first sales ever of online ad space. I did not find the advertiser but rather the advertiser found me.

After some haggling over the price ( I asked for $240 for the first site. This was bargained down to $150. I offered the 2nd site at $150 and this was bargained down to $100) So that is how the $250 sum came about.

The ad space was just a small one as it was mainly a text ad of less than 20 words.

Perhaps this is a start to me diversifying away from Adsense.

As a tip to bloggers out there, make sure you have a price list ready just in case advertisers start knocking on your door and you have no idea what is the "correct" price to ask for.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Does a Donate Button From Paypal Work

Many blogs place donate buttons and suggest that readers buy them a cup of coffee if they enjoy reading the blog.

Lately, I have placed donate buttons on a few of my blogs. The readership for those blogs have been pretty steady and it might be good if I get a donation or two. Otherwise, it is perfectly fine with me and I might just use it as a thought experiment.

The question is this: Does a donate button work? How much can one collect in terms of donations?


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