Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Project Started - PageRank 0 to PageRank 3 in 3 Months

I have started a brand new project. What I am attempting to do is to start a new site and attempt to bring it from pagerank 0 to pagerank 3 in like 3 months. It is a totally new and crazy idea that I just had. And that is why I had named it Show Me The Crazy.

Now just a small favor to all my fellow bloggers or site owners out there. If you could just do me a kind favour, do link your site/blog/postings to the site that I have just listed above. When you have done so, kindly drop a comment either in this site or the Show Me The Crazy site so that I can thank you personally.

This is just an experiment and I really hope it works. So show me the crazy!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Adsense Earnings and Targeted Traffic

After being on the adsense programme for many years, I have made one simple conclusion: Targeted traffic is the key to driving up your adsense earnings.

The difference between traffic and targeted traffic

When I talk about targeted traffic, I am not just talking about mere traffic or number of visitors to your site alone. I really mean targeted traffic. Normal traffic is akin to your usual or loyal readers who visit your site and are just about willing to read whatever trash or gems you post on any particular day. They land on your site because they are probably bored at work, or are just surfing the internet. There is nothing that they are looking for in particular.

Targeted traffic on the other hand refers to the visitors to your site who are LOOKING for something. They might have stumbled upon your site through certain search engines or a friend might have shared your site with them because they found certain information that was really useful and just wanted to pass it on.

Based on my analysis of my ad performance, I was surprised that some of the rather random posts that I have written were actually the ones where the ads did particularly well. And I realised that it also happened to rank highly in the search engines for particular keywords. This means one thing: the people were looking for something and that drove them to my site. That is targeted traffic. And if one needs to write content, make sure that you write it for a particular group of people. Who is your targeted audience? How old are they? What are they looking for?


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