Wednesday, December 30, 2009

$2 in Adsense Earnings

I earned $2 in adsense earnings today even though my page impressions were not very high.

It all depends on the click through rate.

I also noticed that my earnings are generally higher for wednesdays and thursdays so I try to time the release of any blog posts till then.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Personal Tips to Earn $1 Per day from Adsense

I have decided to give my very own tips on how you might be able to break the zero dollar barrier and start earning around $1 per day from your blogs. For info, my blogs are so personal that friends and family don't even know it exists. So a large amount of visitors I get are complete strangers off the internet.

1. Don't give up. Blogging takes a long time to become rewarding. To earn the first dollar is probably the hardest. Just keep going at it and keep posting unique content so that readers who stumble upon your blog will find things that they enjoy reading. For a starting blog, you must post minimally once a day until you hit around 300 postings.

2. Drive traffic to your blog. Comment on other people's blogs. It is best that your niche are similar areas. You can also request for a link exchange. Comment on forums too as that might help drive people to your blog. Without traffic to your blog, you will have little page impressions and thus little clicks. With little clicks, you will have little earnings. On the other hand, even if you have managed to drive a huge amount of traffic to your blog but your content is not unique or interesting enough, the bounce rate will be very high where people will just scan through your site, find nothing interesting and leave FOREVER.

3. Blend your ads to match your blog colors. I always try to make sure that my adsense ads are blended in with my background colors so that they do not stand out too obvious. I like to use large rectangles as they work best for me.

4. Who Are you writing to? Always ask this question to yourself... who is reading your postings. Is it a local or a foreigner? Is it a guy or a girl? Tweak your postings and writing style to fit your audience.

5. Break All The Rules. There are no rules to blogging. What makes a blog good is not the design or keywords used. It is actually the person behind the blog who makes all the difference. Let your personality shine through your writings and don't write too formally. Tell your readers some personal stories about yourself which they can relate to.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

$32.89 Earnings For Nov 09

I earned a total of $32.89 in adsense earnings for the month of Nov 09.

I have started my amazon associates program and hope that 2010 will break the $0 barrier.

My estimate is that it takes one full year to see results in earnings. So keep up with it and never stop blogging!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

7 Adsense Tips to Increase Adsense Earnings

I found this article on GoArticles. It details how one can put in place 7 Adsense tips to increase their adsense earnings.

1. Unique Content - Fill your site with unique hand written content so that it ranks better in the search engines resulting in more traffic to your website and more dollars per month as a result of those visitors from organic listings.

2. Ad Blocks - Use a 336 x 280 or 250 x 250 ad block - Use this Adsense ad block above the fold as this is an area of prime real estate on your website where the lions share of the money is to be found.

3. Blend Your Ads - Get rid of that green that screams out "I am an ad" and change the colours so the ads on your site look more natural to your visitors. This isn't about deceiving your visitors, it's about displaying ads within the TOS as outlined. Doing this will increase your overall CTR ( Click Through Rate ).

4. High Paying Niche - Target a high paying niche that contains a good number of competing advertisers that are willing to spend money. There's little point in trying to monetize a site that targets a low paying niche with very little advertiser interest or filled with advertisers that aren't spending very much.

5. Other Affiliate Programs - Give your visitor something more than just Adsense on your site or it will be deemed to be MFA ( Made for Adsense ). Adding another form of monetization on your site will not only give your visitors more options, it will also potentially make you more money.

6. 2 Ad Blocks Maximum - Although you can use more than 2 ad blocks on your site we don't recommend it. This is because it starts to make your site look spammy and it also means you will also be displaying some lower paying ads on your site. In our opinion, less is more when it comes to ad blocks.

7. Track Your Stats - Find out which pages are getting traffic and where that traffic is coming from. By doing this you can concentrate on doing more of what is working to make you even more money from your websites.

I hope you have enjoyed these Google Adsense tips. Even more importantly make sure you put them to work so you can increase your monthly pay check and make more money online

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Need 3000 page impressions

My adsense earnings are steady at $1 per day or $30 per month.

I figured that if I could get 3000 page impressions PER DAY, I would be able to increase my adsense earnings by 10 times.

That is quite a big jump for me I guess but ever since I have started working on increasing my online income, the impossible has become possible.

I never thought I would be able to make money from blogging but I now do make a tiny wee bit of money.

I will appreciate any sharing of how to increase traffic. So far, these are the methods I use:

1. Commenting on other blogs, forums
2. Social bookmarking (Twitter, Digg, etc)
3. Article submission


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