Friday, February 26, 2010

Ad Revenue Low?

I have heard people complain that their ad revenue from Adsense is very low.

I am not too sure what that means but I guess they feel that they are not being compensated fairly for the amount of time and effort that they put in for their sites.

If that is the case, you probably need to read one of my postings about HOW MUCH IS A BLOG POST WORTH.


Ad revenue from online advertisers depends on a variety of factors. Different publishers pay differently for the clicks on the ads. The keywords on your site will also play a part in determining the kind of ads that show up on your site.

If anything is a guide, head to Spyfu and see how much ad revenue you could get based on a single click. From there, you will be able to find out why your ad revenue is so low. It could be simply because that your keywords are not targeted at those high paying ads.


The answer is quite simple actually. Think of the companies that sell products that deal with lots of money and who are most probably willing to spend lots of money on advertisements just to get a single customer. You will not be expecting Coca-cola to be paying lots of money for online pay per click ads.

I would like to give a rough suggestion on various high paying ads:
1. Mortgage loans
2. Insurance
3. Lawyers
4. Property

All the above mentioned deal with large amounts of money and will most probably be willing to pay good money for quality leads. So if your site's niche is in these areas, you can expect to earn a good amount of money.


Instead of relying on adsense or other PPC advertisers, you might want to source for your own advertisers. In this way, you gain better control over both the content of the advertisements as well as the money that you can earn.

The most obvious way to improve ad revenue would be to drive targeted traffic that would be interested in the ads at your site.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Adsense Earnings for January 2010

(Image by kwerfeldein)

I know it is a bit late to be blogging about my adsense earnings for the month of January 2010 when it is almost close to the end of February.

Anyway, I was just looking through my site when I stumbled upon my records of my adsense earnings for Jan 2009. You can see the posting about my Jan 2009 earnings here.

Record Earnings for January 2010 = $65.22

My revenue for the first month of 2010 was a whopping $65.22.

It has been a roller coaster ride for me throughout the one year. At times, I almost wanted to give up and start using another advertiser or some other means to monetise my various sites. But laziness got the better of me and I stuck with good old Google.

By increasing my posting frequencies and the length of my articles with some attention paid to search engine optimisation, I was able to increase the traffic flow to two of my sites which helped to bring in the largest amount of revenue.

My next goal would be to cross the $100 barrier for adsense earnings in a month and then cross the HUGE barrier of $100 per day. So far, I don't really know of anyone who has managed to done it using legit methods. The methods that I come across online all seem a little BlackHat and a little illegal based on Google Adsense terms of service.

Earning $65 a month from adsense is indeed something that I could never have imagined in 2009. Now, I just have to dream for the stars and hope that I at least hit the clouds.

I wonder what my January 2011 earnings would be like?

This Site has Attained PageRank 1

This site has finally attained pagerank 1/10.

I hope to be able to build on this site and continue to develop it into something that will score high in terms of page rank. The higher the pagerank, the more likely that this site will rank highly in Google's search engine results for various keywords.

Hopefully, I can get this site to PageRank 2 by the end of this workyear. That might be a huge challenge considering my other work committments but I will work at it nonetheless.

For the un-initiated, PageRank is Google's way of determining which site is ranked higher than another site by carrying out a link analysis algorithm. In short, the higher your pagerank, the better your site is in the eye of Google.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Adsense for Search

Image by kwerfeldein

Many people often neglect the potential adsense earnings that can come from having a search toolbar in your website.

Google allows you to earn money by incorporating a websearch toolbar into your site and you earn money from the clicks on ads that appear on the search results page.

Creating this custom search engine is really easy and everyone should incorporate it into their sites especially if there is lot of content that readers will most probably need a search tool to look for articles of interest.

Three Reasons to use Adsense for Search

1. You give your readers a means to search for related content on your site all throughout the WWW. This makes for an overall better reading and browsing experience for visitors to your site.

2. You earn money from clicks on the ads that appear on the search result pages.

3. You keep users on your site. Very often, if users are not finding what they expect to find on a webpage, they are likely to search for it further or simply leave the site. You want to provide the reader with a useful tool that will keep them at your site longer. Even if it is just for 10 seconds more!

Adsense Earnings for 2009

I believe that 2009 was a very difficult year for everybody with regards to Adsense Earnings.

For me, I noticed a drop in adsense earnings but this slowly picked up as the economic recovery took place. In fact, I recorded RECORD earnings (pun not intended) for various months in 2009.

In terms of earning goals, I have put that at the backseat as I try to deliver more high quality content to readers. I realised that readers are drawn to quality content at the end of the day. As much as I do have earning goals, the time and effort required to execute my plans made me decide to take my goals a little more lightly this year.

My earnings from adsense in 2009 was $254.54. Not a lot and could have been much better if you ask me.

The revenue source was mainly from two sites that I own and have been posting regularly at.

I am certain that 2010 will be a record year for me and based on current estimates, I could easily hit the $500 mark if I were to continue with my current way of doing things.

Yet, I want to improve upon my earnings and hope that this year will be a much better year for me.

What are your adsense earnings for 2009?

Monday, February 22, 2010

How To Get Comments on Your Blog

Have you been blogging for sometime but find that you have little or no comments on your site?

To get comments on your blog is actually really simple. Just make sure that you are engaging your readers in a virtual conversation.

While some postings might be more for information or entertainment purposes, it might not harm to ask people what their thoughts are about certain issues. Writing about controversial issues also tend to get a lot more response than if you were to just write about simple day to day topics that might not interest people.

Here are three ways to get comments on your blog:

1. Ask for Comments. Yes you heard me right. Just ask for people to leave a note or drop a comment. This simple strategy lets readers know that you are interested in hearing their opinion.

2. Ask provoking questions. Get readers to think and ask provoking questions that might get them to react.

3. Put some controversial topics in your posting. Anything controversial is where readers will most likely not be agreeable on certain positions or opinons. This will set a stage for healthy debate and will draw in more and more comments.

What do you think are the best ways to get comments on your blog? Care to share a top secret?

By the way, I think that Google ranks a blog better if it gets more comments. Comments thus play a certain factor in the ranking of your posts and blog.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

2 Best Tips to Improve Adsense Earnings

I have read many tips on how one can increase their Google's adsense earnings. Frankly, I have not implemented all of them. But I have tried quite a few techniques and I must say that there are a few things one can certainly do to boost their earnings.

Today, I will share two simple tips which WORKED for me.

1. Large Rectangle ad is the one that has worked best for me thus far. I hated the way it looks as I felt that it took up too much space. I have toggled with it many times and realised that everytime I swapped the Large Rectangle ads for half banners or even full banners, my earnings would drop significantly. Another thing to note is to blend the colors of your ads with those of your blog.

2. Blog regularly. Notice I use the word regularly and NOT frequently. Give people an idea of how often they should visit your site for updates. This should help you to retain existing viewers while attracting new viewers. The key is to make sure that the content on your site is always updated and refreshed so that people will read the information on it. This will help increase your traffic and hopefully pageviews. With an increase in traffic, your adsense earnings can only improve.

So there you have it, two simple tips that have worked for me. Hope to hear success stories soon!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Use LinkWithin to Increase Page Views

I would like to share a simple way that you can increase the number of page views on your site.

We all know that we want readers to navigate around our sites and one of the ways to do that is to include links to other articles at a convenient place after they have read an article.

I have implemented Linkwithin at my sites and noticed that page impressions do go UP.

So here is a fuss free way to enjoy higher pageviews. Implement it on your site today if you still have not done so.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Record Earnings for January 2010

Another new record for my foray into Adsense.

After long experimentation and trials, I have finally managed to get an all time high adsense earnings for the month of January which stands at $65.22.

Not bad considering that I averaged around 2-3 posts per day.

Lessons Learnt:

1. Page impressions matter. Generally, the higher your page impressions, the higher your adsense earnings will be. Of course, there can be days when there is lot of traffic but you hardly make a cent.

2. Keeping blogs interesting and educational. I have always tried to keep my postings as interesting and educational as possible. This is even done when I have little time to write down my thoughts peacefully. Interesting posts attract readers. Educational posts retains them as your readers. Of course, you can just rely on having interesting posts all day long but there might come a day when your readers abandon you for someone more interesting.

3. I have blogged on 2 separate blogs regarding 2 separate topics. It works well for me at the current rate but I question my ability to do this on 3 separate sites or even 4. The amount of time taken to provide quality content regularly can be daunting especially if the topics are vastly different.

I hope February 2010 will be another record breaker so that I can hit my desired online income of $100 per day. Almost 2 years of effort and still little to show for. I need to get this right!


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