Friday, September 24, 2010

Increase Readership of Your Blog

There are many ways to increase readership of your blog. For people who are famous, it is probably very easy. If you have a large network of friends who are willing to read your blog, it also helps. However, what I have achieved is to actually increase the readership of my blog without relying on any of these factors.

Well, content is really only ONE aspect of the entire equation. You could literally write a Nobel winning peace of work with the most ground-breaking discovery but it could be lost in the ocean of information in the internet.

So sorry. One good article or even one excellent article on a blog will not improve your readership by much.

Just think about it. What do people read everyday?

Answer: Newspapers

Why do people read newspapers everyday? If you can pinpont the reasons why people read newspapers, it should give you a clue on what readers are looking for in a blog too. Okay, there might be some difference but the idea is generally the same.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Adsense Earnings Stagnates

My adsense earnings have been stagnating for the longest time. For the past half a year or so, there has neither been a decrease or increase in my earnings.

Interestingly, some sites which I have not bothered updating are actually the ones that are giving me the regular stream of income. While others which I have been updating frequently are not as "productive". Perhaps the strategy I am using is wrong.

There is one particular site that I own which apparently gets the same number of visitors for the past 3 months even though I have not updated it at all!

After all, I have heard people talk about being passionate in what you do. And I guess that motivated me to throw away all the keyword research and SEO that I have been doing in the past. All the keyword research and SEO that I did in the past are probably what got me to where I am today.

I think I need to work smarter to make my adsense earnings go up.


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