Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Adsense Cheque

Have received yet another adsense cheque payment. The amount is around US$120 which is quite reasonable considering the amount of work that I have put in. Or should I say that I have hardly put in any effort.

The earnings have still be unpredictable and though there are days when my adsense earnings can reach as high as $7, there are days it also falters for no apparent reason. New blog posts and stuff just don't seem to work. Sometimes, it almost makes more sense for me to just stop posting new articles and stuff and the adsense earnings actually still come in!

Amazing if you think about it. It is really the Parato principle where 20% of the work drives 80% of the results. Problem is I have yet to identified what I am doing right or wrong. And that will probably take me a longer time to figure out.


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