Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bought a domain name and hosting at USD$50.70

I registered a domain name http://sgstockscreener.com some days back after deciding that I was perhaps ready to try building a site using my very own domain name. I just wanted to try it out for the heck of it and just to learn the intricate details of buying a domain name and using Wordpress to set it up.

What I learnt was that it was relatively easy to set up a site using godaddy. I registered the domain name and bought a one year hosting plan which added up to the 50 bucks spent. Next I installed wordpress, chose the theme and the site was up and running in less than a day. I was quite amazed at the ease of doing it. Of course, it was't as easy as using a blogger platform but it was still relatively simple even for a computer idiot like me!

So far, the site has managed 10 to 50 hits per day. Not too bad considering that I just started out. I will most probably still need sometime before I recoup my investment but I can say that I am pretty pleased with the results thus far. The versatility of wordpress is also quite impressive and I especially like the fact that I can add pages as well as drop down menus based on the categories that I want. Installing link within widget was also much simpler than I thought.

Now that the site is up and running, all that is left for me to do is populate it with unique and quality content and hopefully the traffic will start to roll in.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Earned Almost USD1000 from Blogging

I have earned almost 1000USD from blogging thus far. It has been a 2-3 year journey and I must say a love-hate affair with blogging. I don't have much free time so blogging is actually an on and off thing for me. Do I write well? Maybe...

The truth about blogging

There are days when I run dry. And then there are days I have like a thousand articles I would like to write about.

To me, blogging is just a fun way to express my thoughts (or sometimes even rant at life itself).

But the truth about blogging is that it is fun for me. And that is the most important aspect. If I were doing it for the money, it is seriously not worth my time as I could easily earn much more money by investing my time and energies on other things that will pay me a better per hour rate compared to blogging.

What Do I Do with My Earnings?

There was once I gave away $50 to my readers by just holding a silly contest to see who post the 50th comment on a certain post. Most times, I just bank in the money. I don't really buy anything special. It is not a lot of money in the first place.

The Future of Blogging

Will Google go bankrupt? Will blogging still be around 50 years from now? Will blogger still be operating then? Will all my efforts go down the drain? What differentiates me from other bloggers? How do I reach out to China since blogger is blocked by their censorship board? What about India? How do I reach out to a global audience?

These are the questions that fill my head.

Our world is shrinking, but our blogs shouldn't be.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

6th Cheque from Google Adsense

I got my 6th cheque from Google's Adsense program. Slightly over $100USD

Some days, it just seems that I am going nowhere in life. And these cheques will then pop up in my mail box to my surprise. Then suddenly I realise that I have a virtual "life" online where I shed my office clothes and turn into a serial blogger/writer/journalist (except without the high pay and expertise)

It almost feels like this office parkour clip. Watch it for a good laugh


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