Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Future of Google Adsense - A Blogger's Perspective

Many people have speculated and proposed various ideas on what Google's Adsense programme will look like in the near future and how the existing system might change or improve over time.  Today, we will take a look at some of these ideas and what it means for the blogging community.

Protection Against Click Fraud for Both Advertisers and Adsense Publishers

Click fraud is a problem.  Google needs to protect its AdWords advertisers from this.  This will probably have to also take into account possible sabotage that sometimes occurs. So Google will probably have to play the game wisely and ensure that while it protects advertisers, it does not unnecessarily penalise people who have been on the adsense programme and who might also be a victim of click fraud.

Better Targeted Algorithms and Ads

It is not difficult to imagine that targeting ads based on computer algorithms will become even more powerful and precise than they are today.  Increasingly, I have noticed that most of the ads targeted at my site are generally relevant to the topic or post.  This is not surprising given Google's dominance in the search engine market and how search engine results have changed over the past few years too. So the change that is happening in Adsense is perhaps not surprising.  One can only expect more and more targeted ads.  This is good for both advertisers and content writers.  Advertisements will appear in more appropriate search results and it will also become increasingly difficult for webmasters to "manipulate" how they want advertisements to be shown.  

Google has also always been keen on improving its products and this has been seen before in AdSense. The search engine company has introduced site-targeted AdSense CPM, "smart pricing" and domain blocking. Increasingly, many newspapers are also going online and rolling out apps for tablets or iPad.  So it might not be too far-fetched for better use of Adsense on all these platforms. Who knows, it might even be possible for Adsense to appear on games or even TV.  Of course it might sound far-fetched now but with Google, we never know...

Differentiated Payments - Paying Premium for High PageRank Sites

Who knows?  Maybe a possible option will be to also make AdWords advertisers pay a higher premium for sites that have a higher pagerank (PR).  Of course, this will mean added cost to advertisers but I am certain a differentiated payment makes more sense.  It just does not seem right for a single click to cost the same on a PR 9 site and a PR0 site.

Conclusion - The Future of Google Adsense

All the above is just speculation and I am not surprised if something radical comes out from Google in the distant future.  What do you think?  What is the brightest future for Google's Adsense and what needs to be improved or fix?

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