Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Record - 3483 Pageviews

I had a new record again yesterday. A total of 3483 page impressions for one of my sites in a single day. Needless to say, adsense earnings soared for another continuous day.

Of course this information might be totally useless to you. But if you think that some of your older blog postings will no longer be read, you will be surprised. There are certain events or news that might make your previous postings of interest to a much larger audience then you possibly know.

Let's imagine that you blogged about a little known person or topic 5 years ago. And if you keep doing it consistently, you might have clocked up a lot of interesting info about that person. One day, if the person becomes famous, guess what? Your postings are going to be read by thousands if not by millions or people all over the world!

So don't get discouraged by your current earnings. Keep on working at it and hopefully, the results will show one day.

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